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Holding Tank Heater

Holding Tank Heater, 30"x13", Dual Voltage
Manufacturer part number: HTH-A
GTIN: 756815006194
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Specifically designed to prevent freeze-ups in RV holding and fresh water tanks.  Thermostatically controlled, it activates at approx. 34 deg F.

Aluminum foil covered heater (30"x13") with pressure sensitive adhesive backing for easy installation.  24" ground and 6' molded cord and plug set for maximum safety on 120V; 22" ground and position wire for 12V system.

Each heater draws approx. 1 amp AC and 10 amps DC.  Dual Voltage protects while driving or parked; 12Volt DC while driving, 120 Volt AC when parked and connected to an AC system.  Multiple elements can be used where needed for tank coverage.

15 gallon tank - 1 heater protects sewage tank to -5 degrees, water tank to 0 degrees.  30 gallon tank - 2 heaters protect sewage tank to -5 degrees, water tank to 0 degrees.  45 gallon tank - 3 heaters protect sewage tank to -5 degrees. water tank to 0 degrees.

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