Car and RV Wash Brush, 10"

Adjust A Brush

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Car and RV Wash Brush, 10"

Adjust-A-Brush products are proudly "Made In America."  Only the highest quality raw materials are used in manufacturing our products.  Our brushes are made out of a lightweight polypropylene block, offering exceptional strength and durability.  The block has a wraparound vinyl bumper for protecting surfaces.  Our brushes are unlimited in practical uses around RV's, boats, homes, automobiles, SUV's, etc.  Our superior bristles are selected for their durability, water holding properties and gentleness.

10 Inch Wide Brush

Head Attachment Only

Quick Connect For Handle Attachment

Polystyrene White Bristle With Fluffed Edges

Premium Grade Scrub Fill

PROD350 - The Scrub Brush provides extra firmness needed to remove stubborn streaks from dirty areas on your vehicle that do not require the kid glove treatment.