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Impulse All-in-One; 2 Roller Shades & Valance, Manual, Width 13"-18", Short

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Custom Impulse DUO Roller Shade System, Slow-Up Manual, Outside Mount.  

Day Roller Shade + Night Roller Shade + Valance all in 1-piece!  Day/Night.  Width:  13" to 18".  Short Drop:  12" to 32".

Other sizes can easily be found by checking the Impulse Blinds Shopping Guide--Just Click Here!

MCD Innovations manufactures the Impulse System™ — the all-in-one RV roller shade and valance window covering patent pending design. The Impulse System is fully-assembled and fabric-wrapped right out of the box, providing a two-minute installation — far faster and easier than any previous shade.

Industry-first, revolutionary design includes roller shade and valance all-in-one! Virtually every component of the Impulse Roller Shade System was designed with the customer and the installer in mind – making it the most user and installer friendly product in the RV window covering industry!


No headrail design

The unibody construction eliminates the need for a headrail, providing a lightweight, yet strong, design with built-in valance.

Slimmer, space-efficient design

The Impulse Shade System easily installs into tight spaces — a perfect fit for bunks and bedrooms.

Industry first updatable valance

Incorporating consumer-friendly spline fasteners, valance fabric can easily be updated or replaced to provide a fresh new look.

Order now and choose from among 8 standard valance fabrics, 3 Day shade colors, and 10 Night shade colors.  Remember, valance fabric is easy to change to your own fabric at any time!

RVSW Base Price includes:

  • Drop to your specification (up to 32")
  • Width to your specification (from 13" to 18")
  • Your choice of any standard Day fabric for first roller shade
  • Your choice of any Night fabric for second roller shade
  • Your choice of any standard valance fabric or you may choose a matching Night vinyl fabric
  • Your choice of end cap color (5 available)
  • External hem bars (full-length 'grab' bars at bottom edge of shades)
  • Free Shipping from RVSW!


View and print The Impulse Slow Up Roller System Measuring Worksheet for complete measuring instructions.  Summary:  Since these blinds are Outside Mount only, you will want to add at least 2-1/2" to your width-of-window measurement and at least 5" to your height-of-window measurement if you want the valance to sit fully above your window and have as full a view as possible when shade is stowed away.

* 24" and below have drop limitations due to spring restrictions:

Shade width Max drop
13"-16 1/4" 32"
16 3/8" - 19 1/2" 48"
19 5/8" - 23 7/16" 52"
23 1/2" - 32 1/16" 60"
32 1/8"- 42 5/8" 66"


**Please note--these Custom Made one-piece roller shade blinds plus valance are made to order and ship directly from the manufacturer (Texas) and we are currently experiencing about a 3 to 4 week processing period from date-of-order to date-shipped.  Shipping time via UPS is another 2 to 5 days.  Click here to view the RVSW Terms for Special Orders.

Please measure carefully; custom shades may not be returned if measured incorrectly. 

The MCD Impulse DUO Day-Night Roller Shades will be custom made to suit your RV

As an advanced window shades innovation designed for solar protection and 100% light-blocking shades our RV Roller shades are an attractive, compact, and user-friendly package.

Easy to operate and easy to clean, RV Roller Shades eliminate the problems associated with day and night pleated shades. MCD's window shades take the place of blackout curtains, power visors, expensive cellular, Vienna and silhouette shades, Venetian blinds and other dated shades.

The American Duo window shade system is comprised of two Roller Shades

MCD Day Shades offer excellent outward visibility and daytime privacy all while providing exceptional UV Protection. The day shade is produced utilizing the MCD exclusive Clearview™ Sunscreen fabric.

MCD Night Shades are designed with your privacy in mind. All night-time shades are comprised of 100% privacy and blackout shades materials. The night shade is available in a variety of styles and colors to compliment any interior design.

  • The hand-operated shade uses a spring roller which allows the shade to be lowered to any position and retracted with a simple touch and release motion. The unique GlideRise IV™ technology controls ascent speed while AutoStop™ will stop the shade at a user-set height every time it’s raised.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Heat and UV reduction
  • Daytime privacy
  • Night-time privacy
  • Superior outward visibility
  • Upgraded interior décor
  • High-tech reflective window appearance
  • No window awnings needed
  • Selection of vinyl colors and patterns for the Night Shade



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