RV Air Conditioner, replacement or new

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Complete Roof Air Conditioner
for your RV

Ducted or Non-ducted:

Roof unit profile:

Ceiling assembly/controls:

Choose links below to view  COMPLETE Dometic or Atwood RV A/C's



Regular Height, approx. 13-15" high

Cool only w/ wall mount digital  thermostat and IR Remote Control

Atwood AirCommand 13,500

Heat/Cool w/ wall mount digital  thermostat and IR Remote Control

Atwood Air Command 15K AC & Heat Pump
Low Profile, approx. 12" high N/A



Regular Height, approx. 13-15"

Cool only w/ flip-down digital thermostat & IR Remote Control

Atwood Air Command 13.5K

Cool only w/ Manual Ccontrols

Dometic Brisk II 13.5K or 15K

Heat/Cool  w/ Manual Controls

Dometic Brisk II 13.5Kw/Heat Strip or 15K w/ Heat Strip

Heat/Cool w/ flip-down digital thermostat & IR Remote Control

 Atwood  Air Command 15K

Low Profile, approx. 12" high

Cool only w/ Manual Controls

Dometic Penguin II 11.0K or 13.5K

Heat/Cool w/ Manual Controls

Dometic Penguin II 11.0K or 13.5K  w/ Heat strip


Need a roof RV air conditioner for a Motorhome, (Class A, C,or B), Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Pop-Up Camper, Truck Camper, or Hybrid with an existing 14"-square framed roof opening?  Check out our Atwood or Dometic model selection.

Complete Dometic or Atwood rooftop air conditioners are also a great choice for toll booths, kiosks, cargo or concession trailers, and many remote applications.

If you are replacing an existing ducted system, you may use a Ducted Atwood model. Dometic air conditioner models can be used on both ducted and non-ducted applications. For a Non-ducted replacement, use a non-ducted Atwood model or a Dometic.  Any non-ducted unit will blow cold air directly from the ceiling unit.

A "Regular" profile roof unit is the most popular and economical. 

A "Low-Profile" is used for applications on tall RV's needing some extra height clearance down the highway, or in your own garage or storage location.  Low-profile units are also used as a 'for looks' choice on pop-ups.


A ducted ceiling assembly is always used with a "wired" thermostat which is usually wall mounted and can control both the A/C and the RV or camper's furnace.

Non-ducted ceiling assemblies have all controls mounted right on the ceiling unit itself.  A heat strip, which provides 5,600 btu/hr of heat may be installed in the ceiling unit. (Dometic models only)

An RV air conditioner & heat pump is like 2 appliances in 1!  An air conditioner when running in reverse will provide heat for your RV during cool weather. 

When you need heat, you'll have the choice of 'fuel':  electric when you use the heat pump or propane gas when you use your furnace.  Most heat pump units operate efficiently at ambient temperatures above 35 deg. F.



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