Direct Discharge Heating Furnace NT-20SEQ

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Direct Discharge Heating Furnace NT-20SEQ


19K BTU FURNACE, Polar White Grille

The Suburban NT-SE series RV furnaces are incredibly compact & lightweight, designed to meet the requirements of today's smaller recreational vehicles.  While these 12-volt DC units have very low amp draw (2.8), they are capable of heating complete living areas quickly and efficiently.  All four models have energy saving solid state electronic ignition and feature sealed forced-draft combustion.

The NT16-SEQ and NT20-SEQ require no ductwork and are provided with a decorative discharge air grille.  Wall thermostat, gasket-sealed vent assemblies and chrome plated vent caps are included with all models.  The NTS Series furnaces are ducted models for even heat distribution in larger coaches.  Two or more units may be used for zone heating.  Cabinet size for all 4 models is 9 3/8"H x 9 3/8"W x 21 1/8"D.