12-Volt Travel'r Awning Standard Hardware (Arm Set) Fixed Pitch. Color, White

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12-Volt Travel'r Awning Standard Hardware (Arm Set)  Fixed Pitch. Color, White.

Hardware (Arm Set) for the Carefree 12 Volt Travel'r Awning (or Upgrade Kit)

You can convert (upgrade) your current, spring loaded, A&E, or Carefree Patio Awning roller assembly, to easy, push-button operation by purchasing a set of 12V Travel'r arms.  No need to buy a new fabric and roller tube, just remove the springs from your existing roller and attach the arms -- no retro fit kit needed (works on rollers up to 21' long and standard 8' projection).

This is the easiest and most cost effective way to get your RV outfitted with a powered awning.  Adding this arm set to your existing FRTA will get you all these features and benefits:

> Extends in less than 20 seconds.
> Quietest/smoothest powered awning in the market (virtually silent motor).
> Highest head clearance available.
> Worm gear motor is 100% billow proof. No need to remember to lock awning for travel -- just close awning with the push of a button.
> Simple hard-wired extend/retract switch means no brain box to wire up.
> Available in two models:
-- Steep pitch -- Ideal for 5th Wheels with higher awning rails.
> Available in two colors.  White or Black.
> Rain-dump feature releases pooled water on flat pitch canopy.
> Gas shock assembly on each arm keeps awning stable overhead.
> Best Warranty in the market:
-- 4 years, 100% parts, labor & freight on manufacturing defects.

A complete Carefree 12 Volt Travel'r Awning consists of:
1 Travel'r roller tube assembly (you choose size, color, fabric).
1 Travel'r awning hardware set (options below).

If you are replacing just the "arms" of your Carefree 12 Volt Travel'r awning, this would be the only item you would order.  It will include all awning arms and hardware, everything except a 'fabric roller tube assembly' which is the roller tube and fabric portion of an awning.

Available in two models: 

The Adjustable Pitch model is ideal when you want the instant pitch adjustment not found on the steep pitch model.  Requires a flat mounting area of 67" x 3.5" from awning rail down.

Steep Pitch model is ideal for taller motorhomes and 5th wheels with high awning rails.  A steep pitch provides more shade and a more compact arm length, perfect for mounting at the goose neck area of 5th wheels, where longer arms won't fit (for example, Eclipse and adjustable pitch Travel'r arm sets).  Requires a flat mounting area of 60" x 3.5" from awning rail down and 15" of door clearance.

NOTE: This Awning Hardware (Arm Set) when purchased along with a Travel'r FRTA (Fabric Roller Tube Assembly) will provide you a COMPLETE Travel'r RV Awning.