24 inch - 48 inch Telescoping Handle with Snap Clip

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The tubing is anodized to prevent corrosion. The handles attach to standard garden hoses and have a built-in water control system. Available in telescoping and flow-thru styles.These squeegees have unlimited practical uses in addition to being great for cleaning bugs and other debris from your windshield. The tubing will not corrode. Squeegee and flow-thru styles. Squeegees and Snap clip handles sold separately.Our brushes are made out of a lightweight polypropylene block, offering exceptional strength and durability. The block has a wraparound vinyl bumper for protecting surfaces. Our brushes are unlimited in practical uses around RV's, boats, homes, automobiles, SUV's, etc. Our superior bristles are selected for their durability, water holding properties and gentleness. Our handles are made of premium grade drawn aluminum tubing, stronger than extruded. The tubing is also anodized, offering the best protection against corrosion. The handles are lightweight and durable with vinyl non-slip hand grips. We offer telescopic flow-through handles, telescopic handles, fountain handles and standard handles. Our telescopic flow-through handles are of patented design. The handle attaches to standard garden hoses and has a built-in water control system. At full pressure, clear rinse water shoots from the brush's center without flushing soapy solution from the bristles. Our "New" industrial series is manufactured out of larger (1") diameter drawn aluminum and has a longer reach (48" - 96"). This handle is designed for the heavy duty user.