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13500 BTU AirCommand RV A/C Complete - Ducted

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This complete ducted 13500 BTU AirCommand RV Air Conditioner includes:

  • Roof Assembly (you choose color), White 15027 or Black 15032
  • Ceiling Assembly 15022
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Atwood AirCommand air conditioners are designed to withstand the rigors of the harshest elements while delivering the most cool air in its class. From an incredible air delivery of 360 cu. ft. per minute, to the standard digital thermostat and remote control, these units provide function and features unlike anything else on the market today.

Wall-mount digital thermostats on the ducted models, with IR remote control. Gives the ability to adjust temperature, fan speed or sleep timer from anywhere in the RV.

-When replacing other brands with an Atwood AirCommand on a ducted system, harness adapter kit 15089 is needed in order to reuse the existing in-wall wiring for the new digital Atwood thermostat. The new digital thermostat will continue to run the propane furnace as before.

-The two (2) motor concept used is unique. Efficiency is greatly improved by using a fixed speed condenser motor, while for your convenience the blower speed is variable. This reduces energy consumption and allows for quieter running at non-critical times.

- The final result of two (2) motor operation is that this Atwood AirCommand air conditioner  delivers the equivalent amount of cooling as if it were a 16k unit, as determined by independent testing of Atwood's 13.5k units.

Roof units available in WHITE or BLACK.



     -16,000 BTU/hr. Rated

     - Installed weight - 84 lbs

     - Digital Thermostat

     - Infrared remote control

     - 2 Year Warranty


 Rooftop Unit Dimensions

      - 26.5" Wide

      - 13.6" High

      - 39"   Long


Not sure which air conditioner to order for your situation?  Check the chart: 

Choosing the Correct Complete RV Air Conditioner for my RV


15027 White Roof Unit:

 15022 Ducted Ceiling Unit: