My RV Windows need Privacy, Shade, and convenient, beautiful window treatments.

Question:  My RV Windows need Privacy, Shade, and convenient, beautiful window treatments.  I know I can't afford all these and am trying to decide which features are most important.


RVSW AnswerSHADING RV or camper windows is very important.  In the summer, an enormous amount of heat enters through the many windows of your camper creating more load for your air conditioner.  If you are paying for your electric, you will see quite a difference in your electric bill when you add sun-shading blinds, shades, or window awnings to your windows.  Even if your electric usage is included in your site rental, your air conditioner will experience some relief and you can stay more comfortable with less noise from a running air conditioner.

PRIVACY for your RV windows is also very important.  When we are at an RV park or campground, we have very close neighbors and passersby.  Without privacy drapes or blinds, everyone has a full view of us inside our RV.  Lack of privacy is only intensified in the evenings when we have lights on inside our RV and it is darker outside.

RV window treatments can vary from curtains, to mini-blinds, to pleated shades, to roller blinds.  With curtains or mini-blinds, it is not possible to see out when they are drawn closed.  The more expensive options, pleated shades and roller blinds, offer the option of Day-Night.  This gives us three setting options for the window:  

1) Completely open.  People can see in.  We can see out.  Sun is not blocked. 

2) Use "Day" shade.  People cannot see in.  With pleated shades, we cannot see out.  With the roller shades, we can see out and sun's heat is blocked dramatically.

3)  Use "Night" shade.  People cannot see in and we cannot see out.  With pleated shades, light blocking is not total and shadows can be seen.  With roller blinds, light blocking is total.

The EASE OF USE between pleated shades and roller blinds is felt when you LIVE in your RV.  With pleated shades, you will find yourself needing to empty your hands, stand up, and reach over a dinette table or other furniture with both hands to lift or lower each blind.  Roller shades are a simple one-handed operation.

A few more options are available on the exterior of camper windows; you can add window awnings or see-thru window covers.  A window awning only shades your window and needs to be stowed in foul weather.  Window covers shade the window and provide daytime privacy.

Since our RV is our 'home on the road', or possibly our full-time home, we also require our window treatments to provide quality and BEAUTY.  With most any RV window treatment, a valance will be required and will complete and blend in with your decorating theme.  For do-it-yourselfers that are changing or replacing their factory valances, the options are to remove, recover, and rehang the existing valances and legs; remove, build new or modify, and hang valances; or leave them as they are.

If this is starting to sound as though you need to make some tough decisions, we might have some very good news for you!

A new product has recently been introduced especially for RV window treatments.

The Impulse All-in-One Roller Shades + Valance removes the need for any other window covering product.  No need for exterior window awnings or window covers.  No need to create, modify, or build valances.  All with one-handed convenience of roller shades for Day and Night privacy and total sun control.  Do-it-yourselfers will rejoice at the ease of installation and decorators will enjoy the freedom of a 'change-it-yourself' valance!