RV Awning FAQ's

RV Awning FAQ's 

How can I be sure that I'm getting a complete awning?

When seeking to purchase an awning online, this can be quite confusing.  Many sellers will offer a fabric only and call it an 'awning' or a roller tube with fabric and call it an 'awning'.  

Much of this confusion is due to fact that it usually takes more than one part number to compose a 'complete' awning.

One manufacturer has succeeded in designing a retractable RV awning that fits in one UPS-able box.  Although the design compromises strength and complicates installation, it becomes the lowest cost option and it is 'complete'.

Brock's RvSupplyWarehouse.com now offers most Carefree of Colorado RV awnings as complete on our website removing the doubt about whether you will be getting everything you need to install your new awning.


I have a manual RV awning.  Can I upgrade to a power awning?

Yes!  IF you already have an awning fabric roller tube assembly in good condition and IF you have smooth sidewalls, you can upgrade to a power awning by ordering and installing only a new Arms Set.

Carefree of Colorado's Compass Arms Set can retrofit to any brand's roller tube, 3.0" or 3.4" diameter after you remove your springs.


Do I want a vinyl fabric or acrylic?  What is the difference?

Basically, vinyl is a very durable waterproof fabric that won't fade.  

Acrylic fabric is a woven cloth that allows air to circulate through the fabric. They can handle burning sun, drenching rain, freezing ice and snow, wicked winds, irritating dust and dirt, pesky bugs-you name it. The woven acrylic cloth can quickly dry and although not recommended, it is able to be rolled up when wet. Since woven acrylic is very breathable, the air constantly moving through the fabric means that the temperature under the canopy will stay cooler than under vinyl awning fabric. Since the patterns and colors are woven in the acrylic fabrics and not painted - you can trust that your canopy will stay vibrant for years.


Can I have my awning automatically retract when the wind picks up?

Yes!  Of course, it must be a power awning.  You can add this Carefree Connects wireless Bluetooth Upgrade Kit to almost any electric awning:  https://www.rvsupplywarehouse.com/specialty-rv-shops/the-snowbird-shop-at-rvsw/awning-wireless-upgrade-kit-with-auto-retraction-remote/.


Can I install an RV awning myself?

You can install an awning yourself with a helper and power tools (drill).  Any RV awning requires unobstructed access to an awning rail.  When mounting to a surface that does not have an awning rail, you will need to install one first.

Installing a new electric awning will involve some knowledge of electricity, usually just 12 volts.


Can I install an RV awning on a Tiny Home or other structure?

In most cases, yes!  Be sure to check the installation instructions to be sure you meet any mounting requirements.  For manual awnings, you just need 4 sturdy mounting points, the top and bottom of the arms.

Power awnings will need 12-volt power.

Most RV awnings are not supplied with an awning rail since RV's are generally constructed with this molding at the top of the sidewall.  When installing to a structure or cargo trailer without this awning rail, it will need to be provided before the awning can be installed.  The awning fabric slides into this rail.

You can find 'awning rail' at a local RV dealer or we recommend this kit from Amazon.


How do I measure an RV awning?

An awning's size (i.e.: 12' to 21') refers to the center-of-the-arm to center-of-the-arm measurement.  Actual fabric length will be slightly shorter, while the overall complete awning length will be slightly longer.