The Vacation'r RV awning room/screenroom - Size: 12' to 13'

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Lightweight design in a high quality room.  The Vacation'r room is not only light weight and easy to install, it is specifically designed to fit the Carefree 12V Eclipse and Travel'r as well as all brands of traditional patio awnings.  Set-up is fast and easy with this one piece complete room design (front and side panels are all one piece).  There are no poles, rafters or permanent fasteners to attach to your coach.  Water pooling is never an issue, the water dump feature works on Carefree 12V awnings.  Durable, lightweight polyester fabric in two tones of gray will last for many seasons.


Features include multi-setting privacy panels, ground stakes, tall skirting for the open areas under the RV and a zippered tote style storage bag.  The Vacation'r fits traditional and 12 volt awnings with vertical arms.  That's almost any RV awning--manual or power;  Carefree of Colorado or other brands!


* Fits new truss style awnings.  Rain dump works with room attached.

* Fits in a convenient lightweight storage bag, included.

* Never any drilling!  Simple, easy set-up.

* Comes with stakes, skirting and wheel well filler.

* Side panels attach to the awning rail slot and to the awning roller with straps.

* The front panel slides easily into the extra slot of the awning roller tube.

* Privacy panels on the outside to keep the rain out.

* Toggle style attachments secure privacy panels.

* A tight seal all around helps keep out weather and bugs.


This room is designed to fit under your existing 12' or 13' RV awning.  Included in the box is a 1' panel which can convert the Room from a 12' to a 13' Room.  Remember, awning length is measured from the center of the arm to the center of the arm.


Key installation steps are shown below:

1. The front panel zips to an insert that slides into the open slot of the roller tube.

2. Privacy panels secure at multiple settings with a simple toggle design, so you can control how much privacy you want.

3. The side panel attaches to the roller tube with strap and clip system. There's no need to drill or attach permanent fasteners.

4. Side panels attach to the awning rail slot without having to mount permanent brackets or fasteners.