Olympian Catalytic Heater, Wave 8

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Olympian Catalytic Heater, Wave 8.

Catalytic heaters produce heat by combining L/P gas and oxygen in a double platinum impregnated pad.  Platinum is the finest, longest lasting (and most expensive) catalytic agent known.  This establishes a chemical reaction (combustion) resulting in the release of low intensity infra-red heat waves...operating at all times below the temperature necessary to support flame combustion.  It is this combination, without flame, that produces low intensity infrared catalytic heat that warms like the sun.  With catalytic heating, no heat is lost through a flue or chimney.  While the catalytic heating process consumes oxygen, it produces no harmful amounts of waste gas (i.e. carbon monoxide).

A total free-air opening of 4" x 6" should be provided to replace oxygen consumed by the heater and occupants.  Normally, opening a small window and/or roof vent is adequate ventilation.  Additionally, the operating surface of Olympian Catalytic Safety Heaters is a maximum of 720 degrees Fahrenheit, well below the ignition temperature of clothing, paper or other combustibles.  Flame type heaters waste up to 45% of all heat produced.  Catalytic heating is 99.98% efficient, resulting in a completely safe, more efficient and low-cost heat.  The waste products from catalytic combustion are water vapor and carbon dioxide, in approximately equally amounts.

The top of the Olympian line, the Wave-8 catalytic safety heater will warm up to 270 square feet with ease.  The Wave-8 can easily be made portable with the optional leg stands or hung on the wall either horizontally or vertically.  The Wave-8 is easily carried to any cold spot for quick heating.  Like all other Olympian catalytic safety heaters, the Wave-8 comes with a three year guarantee, piezo electric starter and 100% safety shut-off valve.


Installs in minutes

Penetrating Soft Infrared Heat

No Noise

Used worldwide since 1916


BTU Output: 4200 to 8000

Fuel Consumption at maximum output: 1/3 lb. per hour

Gas Connection: 3/8" SAE Flare

Typical RV Size: up to 23' (The area heated depends greatly on insulation R-Factor and outside temperature)

Room Area Heated: 290 square feet

Ignition: Piezo Spark.

Can be recessed with the optional recess kit