Olympian Hybrid Stainless Steel Grill


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You choose - gas or electric.  Either way, you will have great tasting grilled food in minutes.  Grill with gas or grill with electricity - with Olympian’s Hybrid Grill, it's up to you!  Runs off of your RV’s built in gas supply or - if you choose - you can save your propane and use park power.  The Olympian Hybrid Grill connects to the propane supply on any RV or trailer that has a built in quick connect LP gas connection.  To use electricity, simply plug the grill into any standard 120 Volt electrical outlet.

The Olympian Hybrid is constructed of high quality stainless steel, comes fully assembled and has a 160 Square Inch grilling area.  Additional features include - integrated folding legs, piezo igniter, removable Lift-and-Clean™ liner, grease tray, latching lid and stay cool handle.

Includes RV mounting bracket and LP Quick Connect hose.

Many RVs come pre-plumbed with a rail installed and an LP Quick Disconnect fitting for grill use.  The included Quick Disconnect hose and Quick Disconnect Control Valve simply snap into your RV's built-in quick-connect outlet.  If your RV does not have a quick disconnect fitting, see your RV dealer for information on adding one.


  • Connects To The Propane Supply On Any RV Or Trailer That Has A Built In Quick Connect LP Gas Connection
  • To Use Electricity, Simply Plug The Grill Into Any Standard 120 Volt Electrical Outlet
  • Constructed Of High Quality Stainless Steel, Comes Fully Assembled And Has A 160 Square Inch Grilling Area
  • Features Integrated Folding Legs, Piezo Igniter, Removable Lift-And-Clean™ Liner, Grease Tray, Latching Lid And Stay Cool Handle
  • Includes RV Mounting Bracket And LP Quick Connect Hose
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty