Degree of Difficulty

How easy will it be to install the product I order?

Installation/Assembly Degree of Difficulty:

As you shop, check the product's "Degree of Difficulty". If you know that you are not handy or do not want to deal with anything that needs assembly, stick to items showing only 1 wrench or maybe 2. If you know your ability and willingness is higher, consider all products up to 4 or even 5 wrenches.

You decide what you can handle!

1 wrench

Ready to use out of the box. No assembly required.

2 wrenches

Not completely assembled or needing a screwdriver to install. Relatively simple procedure that anyone reading instructions can do.

3 wrenches

Simple tools required and "handyman" attitude.

4 wrenches

Significant time required along with "mechanic" skills. Follow instructions scrupulously. Tighten bolts as required, test for leaks, test operation. Make sure it's safe.

5 wrenches

Professional installation is recommended. Special tools/expertise may be required. Tapping into gas lines or 110 v. power systems may be involved.