Apply for Extra Discount

While the online store features great prices, free shipping, free gifts, and other sales, we still feel that some people deserve an Extra Discount.  We would like to know if you are any of the following so that we can give you an Extra Discount each time you order from RV Supply Warehouse:

  • Active Military
  • Veteran
  • Emergency Rescue Personnel (firemen, policemen, etc.)

Please accept this Thank You Discount as our Thank You! for all that you do.

There are some other groups that we would like to help as well including Boy/Girl Scout Troops, RV Rally organizers, Campgrounds/RV Parks, and RV clubs.  If you are buying on behalf of one these groups, please register with and contact us here, so we can get you a discount which will require a minimum purchase.

If you are a reseller, we have a plan for you, too.  First step, is to register with  Then email us here with your reseller information and we'll get things started.