Surge Protector 30 amp SSP-30XL

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Smart Portable Surge Protector.
For Reliable Surge And Electrical Protection for the New Generation of RV's  that now include high-end electronic equipment.
30 Amp; 120 Volt/ 240 Volt
14 1/4 Inch Length X 5 Inch Width X 3 Inch Height
With Fault Indicator Light/ Weather Resistant/ With Cable Splash-Up GuardGuard
  • Brighter 3-Color LED Indicators
  • Higher Rated Wire (6) AWG
  • All Weather Receptacle Shield
  • Cable Splash-Up Guard
  • Rugged Pull Handle
  • Surge Fault Indication
  • Improved Locking Bracket
  • Portable, Weather Resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime, except for shield