The RoadTrip MiniMax, In-Motion - Color: Black dome


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Mini Size.  Ultra-compact size requires minimal roof space.

Max Performance.  Enhanced antenna design coupled with high gloss, rounded dome provides maximum signal reception.


RoadTrip MiniMax

The RoadTrip Minimax is the perfect combination of the Winegard 12" RoadTrip and Winegard Carryout Portable automatic satellite TV antennas.  The RoadTrip Minimax provides the most powerful, reliable performing antenna in the sleekest, smallest housing possible.  Mounting feet come attached for quick and easy roof-top installation.

Watch your favorite DIRECTV, DISH Network or Bell TV programming!  Fully Automatic Equipped with DVB technology for automatic satellite acquisition, the RoadTrip Minimax delivers satellite reception FAST.  Antenna views one satellite at a time and automatically switches between satellites.

The antenna supports two receivers so you can watch different programs on two TVs at the same time as long as the programs are located on the same satellite.


RoadTrip Minimax In-Motion

This in-motion system combines the small powerful design of the stationary model with the ability to watch television traveling down the road!  RoadTrip MiniMax Features

* ULTRA Compact size: 15" high x 20" diameter

* High gloss, rounded dome for max performance in bad weather (rain, dew, snow)

* Enhanced Antenna Design

* One-button on/off operation

* DVB technology

* DISH Network and Bell TV HD Ready

* Panel mount for easy cable connections

* Power and coax cable included

* Unit weight 13.5 lb.


Satellite Providers

Provider Programming Satellite:

DirecTV Standard* 101ø, 119ø

DISH Network Standard & HD 110ø, 119ø, 129ø

Bell TV Standard & HD 82ø, 91ø

*Does not receive DirecTV HD.


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