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Dometic's Exclusive Optional XTEND A ROOM for Toy-haulers.


Use your Toy Hauler's ramp door as the floor of a completely enclosed room. After initial installation, room may remain in place when you need to close the ramp door for security or for travel to your next location.

Open the panels for fresh air, close for privacy.  Keep the bugs out, enjoy your privacy and add up to 60 square feet of additional living space.

Easy-access ramp end opens for quick and easy access.

'Inside the door' frame mounting is easy,  and allows for a good seal at the door opening. No tools required after initial set up.

Side and top panels are zippered, and support pole sets are adjustable to allow for a better fit. Two ramp stands are included.

Two storage bags allow for separate storage of tent fabric, from hardware poles and ramp stands, to avoid tears and rips.

Weather proof privacy panels and floor skirt add rain protection.


W= up to 99", H= 86-1/2" to 95-1/2", D= 91"
Manufacturer part number: 954091.000

WARRANTY: "One Year Limited" - One year 100% parts, labor & freight on all components. Available in white/gray only.

When ordering just choose from the two sizes available. Measure as follows:

-Door Width W in inches (horizontal opening of door)

-Door Height H in inches (vertical opening of door)

-Depth of Ramp D in inches (measured from end of trailer floor to end of ramp flange)