12-volt Travel'r Awnings, Complete

12-volt complete Travel'r Awnings.

Now you can have the same convenience and ease of use of an electric awning as you've seen on those big, luxurious motorhomes at a fraction of the cost.

- Ideal for Motorhomes, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers.

- Easy, push-button operation.

- Electric awnings are easy to use - any family member can operate the awning.

- You can extend and retract the awning in seconds.  If you're pulling off the road for a quick lunch... push a button and the awning is set up in less than 20 seconds!  Or, if a big storm comes up in the middle of the night... push a button and the awning is fully retracted and safe from the weather - you don't have to wrestle the awning in the wind and rain to put it away!

-Carefree uses worm-gear motors, so you can rest assured the awning won't billow while you're traveling.

Available in two models:

Adustable pitch model is ideal when you want the instant pitch adjustment not found on the steep pitch model.  You decide which pitch is best for your needs at each campsite.  Requires a flat mounting area of 67" x 3.5" from awning rail down.

Steep pitch model is ideal for taller motorhomes and 5th wheels with high awning rails.  A steep pitch provides more shade and a more compact arm length, perfect for mounting a the goose neck area of 5th wheels, where longer arms won't fit (for example, Eclipse and adjustable pitch Travel'r Arm Sets).  Requires mounting area of 59.5" x 3.5" from awning rail down and 15" of door clearance.

12 Volt convenience at an economical price--power awnings aren't just for the big rigs anymore.

For motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels, when you want instant pitch adjustments not found on flat or steep pitch.  Easy, push button operation.  Truss support design provides maximum head clearance without sacrificing strength.  Billow-proof worm gear motor.  No storage or travel locks, automatically locks for travel.  Rain dump feature releases pooled water on flat canopy.

The Adjustable Pitch Travel'r combines easy push button operation, with the flexibility of adjustable pitch.  Extend the awning and adjust the pitch to the desired setting for shade.  Best of all, there is no need to re-adjust the awning; it exends and retracts even when the arms are set in different pitch positions.

The truss-support design provides superior strength and maximum head clearance for easy access to the patio area.

Travel'r Awnings may be mounted to any smooth-wall RV, but cannot be installed on an uneven surface. (i.e: aluminum side-walls)
Awning size (i.e.: 12') refers to the center-arm to center-arm measurement.  Actual fabric length will be slightly shorter, while overall complete awning length will be slightly longer.

NOTE:  This STOCKED LENGTH is available in 8 Standard vinyl colors.  Additionally, Special Order (S/O) vinyl colors are available and are marked S/O.  New Premium Vinyl colors are also available as a Special Order (S/O).  All vinyl colors (except S/O Black) will have White weatherguard (S/O Black will have Black weatherguard).

NOTE: THIS IS A COMPLETE AWNING.  A complete Travel'r Awning is composed of two components:
One springless Travel'r FRTA (Fabric Roller Tube Assembly) plus one Travel'r Arm Set (Carefree Awning Hardware).

The two components of a complete awning will be shipped separately.

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