Adco Olefin RV Custom-Fit Covers

» Features

If you plan to own your RV for more than a few years, you will save time and money in the long run by investing in a Custom-fit RV Cover.  They come with longer warranties than Universal-fit options, fit better and look amazing next to your house (or in the storage lot).  The Olefin model featured here is ADCO's most cost-effective Custom-fit cover. 

  • Protect your RV with ADCO's Custom-Fit Olefin RV Covers
  • Designed for all climates and long term storage 
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain resale value.  
  • Keeps Roof clean to reduce black-streaks from forming on sides of RV.  
  • Reduces need for washing, waxing and roof treatments.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV.  
  • Color is 100% White (It's really off-white and blends in better next to your home that you would think...)
  • Features ADCO's 4 year manufacturer warranty
  • Produced in the USA

 » Includes:

  • ​Storage bag.  

 » Why Olefin?

  • Effectively blocks 99.8% of the sun's damaging UV rays that can fade interior and exterior surfaces
  • Keeps your recreational vehicle cooler during warm weather by reflecting sunlight.
  • Provides superior water resistance, while allowing moisture to escape.
  • Resists acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and other forms of environmental pollution to keep your RV clean.
  • Holds out more than 98% of dirt and dust particles that can scratch and damage your RV's surface.