Rayzar z1 Digital HD TV Antenna, White


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 Rayzar z1 Digital HD TV Antenna, White.  Complete Antenna or Head Only.

Designed with Winegard's latest cutting-edge antenna technology, this directional amplified roof mounted TV antenna offers a greater coverage area than traditional directional antennas resulting in maximum local broadcast TV reception with less aiming and pointing.

  • Easy to use and install, effortless rotation and no cranking required.  Easily replaces existing antenna unit or head with minimal effort.
  • Optimal UHF recekption with strong high-band VHF allows you to catch your favorite broadcast channels anywhere you go.
  • Full antenna unit includes:  amplified antenna with base, interior handle, +12VDC power supply, and 20' and 6' of 75 ohm coax cable with mounting hardware.
  • Antenna only includes amplified antenna and adapter, and is compatible with all Winegard Sensar booms.


Introducing the Rayzar z1, Winegard’s next generation in digital and HD broadcast TV RV antennas that delivers Crystal Clear HD quality programming and 4K UHD (where available).


Pay no monthly fees to watch top-rated shows in true HD and 4K UHD (where available), everywhere you travel. Easy to find the best reception, run a channel scan, and watch TV. Tuning in to local news & weather is important to RVers and when the programming is FREE, the value is unmatched.


The Rayzar z1 is sold both as a complete unit and as the antenna head with adapter. The RV antenna and mount stand at a mere 8.4" for maximum aerodynamic functionality without compromising performance. When attached to the Sensar boom the footprint is at 5.5" when lowered. The Rayzar z1 RV antenna is compatible with the existing Sensar antenna’s wiring and power supply so retrofitting your current Sensar lift with the Rayzar z1 RV antenna is a quick and easy process.



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