Rubber Roof Coating System

Extend the life of your rubber roof!  Two part, commercial grade system combines a primer/cleaner necessary for proper roof preparation and an acrylic coating the provides and excellent protective barrier for extending the life of the EPDM rubber membrane.

This two part system (primer/cleaner & acrylic coating) saves over 25% in labor compared to similar systems.  Quick drying time.  Endorsed by Carlisle Syntec Systems.


Breakthrough product dramatically increases the bond of the Sure Seal White Acrylic Coating to new or weathered rubber roof surfaces.  This low viscosity liquid chemically alters the rubber surface to which it is applied, creating a "lock and key" effect with the acrylic coating.  Spray on and Rinse off.  Application rate is 125 sq. ft. per quart.  Must be followed with two coats of Dicor Sure Seal White Acrylic Coating.


Excellent protective barrier extends the life of your rubber roof membrane.  High solids acrylic elastomeric coating system provides superior weatherability, UV resistance, fire retardation, elongation, flexibility, adhesion and ease of application. Use with Dicor Rubber Roof Primer/ Cleaner for proper adhesion.  Requires two coats for adequate protection.  Coverage rate of 1 gallon per 125 sq. ft. per coat.  Best applied with medium nap point roller.

Two System Components are sold separately.