Pleated RV Night Only Shade, 940052

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Pleated RV Night ONLY Shade, 940052


Imported2021Mar.32"x24"Black  H


The shade can be set in any position for maximum flexibility.  

Pleated shades feature permanent, wrinkle-free fabrics and the EZ-Lift adjustment which keeps the blinds in place even during travel. 

Night ONLY Shades are an opaque Night fabric which fully obscures the view through the window for nighttime privacy.  Three stages of options: fully up, no-shades position, partial down position or night fabric down position.



  1. Install mounting brackets at top of window frame. Mount approximately 3″ in from the corner of the window. If you are using the Quick Install option, no brackets are necessary. Simply places screws directly through top rail into the predetermined holes. On shades 40” or wider use 3 mounting brackets, one in the center.
  2. Install headrail into mounting brackets by tilting front of the headrail in up position. Slide the hook of the mounting brackets into groove of the headrail. Then, push back of the headrail up until it snaps into the bracket. Quick Install option will skip this step.
  3. Allow the shade to hang down until the end of the cord retainer meets the bottom of the rail.
    Place the screw through the cord retainer and mount it directly below the bottom rail about ½” below the rail. This will create the proper tension to needed to properly operate the shade. The tension should be tight.
  4. If needed, adjust the tension by pulling on the cord string and re-tie the cord retainer.


Care Instructions:

Shades should be kept in the closed or up position when not in use, to maintain pleat retention and minimize dirt and soil build-up. Do not store shades in the down position. This may cause some loss of pleat retention if the shades are not operated on a consistent basis.

Shades can be easily cared for by simply dusting or using a vacuum cleaner attachment. Do not use spot remover, household cleaners or detergents to remove soiled spots, as these may cause damage to fabric or loss of color from fading.

NOTE: If your recreational vehicle must be stored for an extended period of time, store shades in the up position and cover your windows with additional protection (I.E. Cut out cardboard).


Warranty:  1-year.  See details at



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