Spray 'N Brush Window Shade Cleaner

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Spray 'N Brush Window Shade Cleaner

An advanced surfactant formula first helps break the chemical bond between soil and fabrics. For heavily soiled fabrics, use the built-in brush to penetrate and remove tough stains.

Spray 'N Brush can be used on many RV window treatments including, but not limited to: cellular shades, Day|Night Shades, frame shade, roller shades, roman shades, even windshield wraps and skylights. 

  • Use To Clean And Remove Stains From RV Window Shades
  • Prolongs The Life Of Shades

Spray Cleaner

6 Ounce Aerosol Can With Built-In Brush


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. ALWAYS TEST-CLEAN A SMALL INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST FOR COLORFASTNESS AND FABRIC SUITABILITY. Remove outer cap. Hold can in upright position. Point valve opening toward area to be cleaned. Press button and spray a small area until wet. Let stand for several seconds. If necessary, gently brush area with cap. Wipe off with clean dry cloth. Rinse, if desired. May not remove some stains. 

PRECAUTIONS CONTAINS: Glycol ether solvents.  Cannot ship by Air.