Solar Charging Kit, 50W

Samlex Solar

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50W Solar Charging Kit Samlex solar panels are durably constructed to the industry's highest standards and backed by a 25 year warranty. Every charging kit contains a 30 Amp flush mount Samlex Charge Controller, a pair of connecting wires and a flat mounting system - everything you need to plug and power your system in a few easy steps. Samlex 30 Amp Charge Controllers regulate current and protect your batteries from over-charging. Features of this 4-stage Charge include: LED status indicators, Battery equalization, LCD display and 8 charge settings for most battery types. Connecting wires - pair of 20f connecting wires preassembled on one end with a male and female MC4 connector. Mounting System & Hardware - 4 weather proof aluminum brackets & hardware. Charging Power - 3.2A