Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover

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Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover

Eevelle Goldline Best RV Covers Brand


Goldline RV covers are designed to satisfy even the most discriminating customers by outperforming every other cover in all critical categories of RV protection. Precision design and expert tailoring with the finest materials make this a high end RV cover that is as durable as it is beautiful.


Goldline Fabric Specs:

Our Marinex marine grade fabric is a heavy duty, true loom-woven Polyester, constructed of 600 denier filament polyester yarn. It is coated with Durapel UV inhibitor and Anti-Microbial finish to make it UV and mildew resistant. The result is an incredibly strong yet breathable product that will provide protection for your RV for many years to come.

GOLDLINE RV Covers Feature:

  • Industry leading fabrics and manufacturing technology to ensure quality craftsmanship and durability
  • Full coverage Marinex Marine Grade Fabric provides waterproof protection
  • Treated with Durapel UV Sun Inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection to reduce material aging
  • Micro-porous film allows superior breathability to prevent moisture build up which can lead to rot and mildew
  • Zippered panels with anti-scratch sleeves allow easy access to all entry points without removing the cover (*Not available on pop up campers)
  • Everest Glove(TM) extended zipper pulls for easy use on cold days
  • Heavy duty reinforced corners for a high quality fit and long-lasting life
  • Sewn in dual flow vortex vents reduce lofting in high winds and promote air circulation
  • Marine grade XT straps with quick-release buckles for fast and easy access to all entry points
  • Integrated straps and reinforced tension flags add security against high winds
  • Adjustable front tension loops and side tension flags help to create a snug custom style fit to remove unwanted slack
  • Anti-hit reflective panels provide added safety at night


Product Details:

  •  Fits Travel Trailer RVs 10' to 46'
    (*Overall length measurement should include bumper, ladder and spare tire)
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Goldline covers accommodate typical RV features and accessories including A/C units, awnings, mirrors and ladders.
 Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover  Size  Weight
Fits 10' to 12'

12'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

34 lb.
Fits 12' to 14'

14'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

35 lb.
Fits 14' to 16' 16'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H 37 lb.
Fits 16' to 18' 18'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H 40 lb.
Fits 18' to 20'

20'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

41 lb.
Fits 20' to 22'

22'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

45 lb.
Fits 22' to 24'

24'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

47 lb.
Fits 24' to 26'

26'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

50 lb.
Fits 26' to 28'

28'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

52 lb.
Fits 28' to 30'

30'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

54 lb.
Fits 30' to 32'

32'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

56 lb.
Fits 32' to 34'

34'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

58 lb.
Fits 34' to 36'

36'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

61 lb.
Fits 36' to 38'

38'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

64 lb.
Fits 38' to 40'

40'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

67 lb.
Fits 40' to 42'

42'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

69 lb.
Fits 42' to 44' 44'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H 72 lb.
Fits 44' to 46'

46'6"L x 8'6"W x 8'8"H

74 lb.



Every GOLDLINE RV Cover includes:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Executive Style Duffle Bag
  • Sizing Straps for a Semi-Custom Fit
  • Ladder Cap