Pristine Toilet Paper Spray / RV-Safe Alternative to Wet Wipes

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Pristine Toilet Paper Spray / RV-Safe Alternative to Wet Wipes
Spray Pristine directly onto RV-safe toilet paper to create an instant wet wipe that is 100% biodegradable and flushable in all RVs.  Designed to provide the hygienic benefits of wet wipes without damaging RV plumbing and sanitation systems.  Simply fold RV-safe toilet paper twice, spray 3-5 times, wipe, and flush!
  • Small 4-ounce bottle is equivalent to 200 wet wipes of product--carry one, give one, keep one at home and one in your RV
  • Great for all ages - kids, adults, seniors, and all those who prefer the comforts of wet wipes
  • Gentle on sensitive skin--cleans and soothes
  • Perfect to feel clean and refreshed during long hours on the road
  • Small and portable enough to keep in your purse or pocket when using public restrooms, too
  • Made with natural cleansing ingredients and oils to provide an effective cleanse for all types of skin.
  • Featured on ABC's "Shark Tank"


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