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Winnebago Class C RV Cover, 23' 1" - 25' 6" View & Navion

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Winnebago Contour-fit Class C RV Cover, 23' 1" - 25' 6" View or Navion

» Features:

  • Winnebago Owner's Rejoice!  Here's a Cover designed specifically for Winnebago Class C RV's.  (They will fit Itasca's as well)
  • Built for all climates.  
  • Features a multi-layer top panel and multi-layer sides with a retro aesthetic unique to Winnebago.  
  • Features the iconic Flying W, "Brow," Retro Graphics and ruberized Winnebago logos
  • Significantly reduces premature aging of RV and helps maintain resale value.  
  • Keeps Roof clean to reduce black-streaks from forming on sides of RV.  
  • Reduces need for washing, waxing and roof treatments.
  • 100% Breathable to prevent mold and mildew.  
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV.  
  • Slip-seam strap system allows cover to conform to the shape of the RV and minimizes wind impact to cover.  
  • Multiple Passenger-side zipper entry doors and rear ramp door (on largest 5 sizes) for easy covered access.  
  • Extra reinforcements throughout cover significantly reduce snags & tears.  
  • Reinforced Buckles, Flaps and Straps resist rip-out.  
  • Built-in Vents allow air to escape the cover in moderate winds.  
  • Roof fabric partially extends down the front, back and sides of the cover for extra protection.  
  • Front, rear and bottom buckle cinching system removes slack and prevents billowing.  
  • Color is Light Brown on Top with Tan Sides.  
  • Features ADCO's 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Free Shipping in included when you order from

 » Includes:

  • Rain gutter spout protectors to prevent cover puncture where applicable.
  • Storage bag.  
  • Ladder Cap to prevent contact with cover.  
  • Extra adhesive reinforcement material.  
  • Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation.  

 » How to Buy the Best fitting Cover for your Class C?

  • Measure from the longest two points including bumpers and ladder to determine proper size needed.
  • View our measuring and installation videos found on the bottom of this webpage.
  • Utilize our measurments database found on the top of all RV cover pages on this website
  • This is the only Class C Cover by ADCO that has certain sizes made for Class C's without front overhangs, a style that's fairly unique to Winnebago.  If this applies to your RV, please consider SKU's 64863, 64864 and 64865
  • View the video for more help.



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