RV Refrigerator - N410 Model - 2-Way

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This N410 refrigerator has the largest capacity in its class at 4.5 cubic feet!

This refrigerator features shelf-storage for a one-gallon container, door bins for 2-liter and 1/2-gallon bottles.  The convenient eye-level controls make it easy to change from electric to gas.  The adjustable thermostat responds to changes in ambient temperatures and varied use.

Easily reversible, self latching door opens 150 degrees

Travel latch with storage position

Flame current meter monitors gas ignition

The adjustable, removable door bins are easy to clean.  They are made from durable, white powder-coated material that won't rust.

Power Source

N410 Amps 12V/AC 2.0

N410.3 Amps 12V/AC 2.0 Amps 12V/DC 14.2

Dimensions - 36 9/16'' x 23 11/16'' x 24''

Weight - 92lbs