RV Refrigerator - N1095R Model - 2-Way

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N1095R Model - 2-Way RV Refrigerator

9.5 cubic feet of storage in the cutout space of a 7.5-foot refrigerator!  Only Norcold's super-insulated cabinet makes this capacity possible, and N1095 still goes beyond Best In Class in the areas that matter:  performance, reliability, and dependability.  It is convenient and user-friendly,

Norcold full size RV refrigerators also have significant ergonomic touches that really enhance the vehicle.  Durable, easy-to-clean wrapped-edge doors are an available option.  Choose white or black finish or genuine Stainless Steel.  Look for WH,BK or SS in the Part Number.


1.) Eye-level, easy-to-operate LED control panel features built-in diagnostics which provide valuable information to simplify servicing, speed repairs and increase customer satisfaction.

2.) Superior cooling unit for performance, exceptional durability and long life.

3.) Adjustable thermostat allows user to set interior temperature to individual preference.

4.) Thermostat back-up system allows operation until repair service is performed.


1.) Fresh-food compartment light turns off after two minutes if door is left open, to protect batteries.

2.) White powder-coated shelves clean easily and won't tarnish.

3.) Powder-coated wire riser integrated into each shelf restrains containers.

4.) Maximum product storage flexibility:  A.) All shelves in fresh food compartment are full-width, removable and adjustable.  B.) All (transparent) door bins in fresh food compartment are full-width, removable and adjustable.  C.) Transparent door bin in freezer compartment is full-width, removable and adjustable.

5.) Convenient product storage:  A.) 1-gallon container shelf storage  B.) 2-liter bottle and 1/2 gallon container door storage  C.) Twin transparent plastic crispers

THE OUTSIDE  1.) Door and cabinet design allows reversible doors to open 180o. 2.)  Positive lock handles prevent doors from swinging open in transit. 3.)  Storage latches on fresh food and freezer compartments allow air circulation when not in use. 4.)  Automatic change over between gas and electric. 5.)  Door bin slides separate products.6.) Dual power cord on all Ice maker models. Warranty available directly from the manufacturer.

Door panels are not included on this model (N1095R) and must be purchased sepaarately or re-use your own or make your own to match your kitchen decor.

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