Ways To Skirt Your RV, Camper or Tiny Home

Ways To Skirt Your RV, Camper or Tiny Home


Up to now your choices were limited.

Most methods were weak in cold, winter weather, leaving gaps and allowing plumbing to freeze!

Custom systems would require professional installation and drilling into your RV and were Expensive!

A do-it-yourself job with foam board might not look too great and cannot be easily reused at your next site?


But now, you can have it all...

Protect your RV from weather damage, save energy, and stay comfortable.  AirSkirts® Inflatable RV Skirts inflate under your RV and don’t require drilling holes or messy DIY solutions.  With military grade construction, superior insulation, fast setup time, and extreme climate tolerance, AirSkirts are the best skirting solution, hands down.


Is your RV protected? By insulating and protecting your RV’s undercarriage, you prevent freezing pipes and save on energy costs. Did you know that if your pipes or valves burst your insurance company likely won’t cover the damage?

Works with any travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorcoach

AirSkirts are guaranteed to fit. FIVE year warranty, No-Hassle returns. We promise you’ll love your AirSkirts.

Just select the right size based on your manufacturer stated length and your ground clearance and we’ll do the rest.


What Makes AirSkirts™️ the Best Camper Skirting

  • Military-grade construction

  • Designed and engineered in the USA by a full-time RVer

  • Exclusive, patent-pending inflatable design

  • Superior insulation from cold and heat with a 22″-34″ air cushion

  • Innovative tire-wedge for complete seal

  • Use year round for energy efficiency

  • Easy storage bag – just roll up and go

  • Modular design – position tubes however you want, and order a la carte

  • Shape conforming system to accommodate for drains, valves, etc.

  • No modification or installation needed on your RV

  • Deploy in under 20 minutes – use AirSkirts even for brief stays

  • AirSkirts stays in place even with snow, wind, and rain

  • Keeps out unwanted friends and debris like skunks, raccoons, leaves, snow, and goblins

  • Beautiful design makes you (and your RV) look really cool