RV Skirting Kit, Extra Large (36′-45′ Length)

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RV Skirt Kit, Large (36-45′ Length)


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  • Electric Air Pump (800 watts AC) ($69.00 value)
  • 2 Carry and Storage Bag ($238.00 value)
  • 4 Skirt Tubes, 6' x 22" dia. ($1476.00 value)
  • 4 Skirt Tubes, 8' x 22" dia. ($1636.00 value)
  • 2 Skirt Tubes, 4' x 22" dia. ($658 value)
  • AirSkirts Care Package ($20.00)

That's a total of $4197.  By getting this KIT, you save over $1198!

This kit does not include (but you can buy separately):

  • Tire Wedges, standard size, pair
  • Stair Pillow
  • Buffer Pillow
  • Dual-Axle RV Tire Protectors, set of 2


The AirSkirts Large RV Skirt Kit is designed for your RV ranging in length from 36' to 45' with a ground clearance of up to 20" and is perfect for nearly all makes and models due to AirSkirts' unique modular options.

This kit weighs approximately 87 pounds.

Made in the USA.

Protect your RV from weather damage, save energy, and stay comfortable.  AirSkirts® Inflatable RV Skirts inflate under your RV and don’t require drilling holes or messy DIY solutions.  With military grade construction, superior insulation, fast setup time, and extreme climate tolerance, AirSkirts are the best skirting solution, hands down.

How It Works:

Inflatable skirting kits are made to fit RVs of all shapes and sizes.  Each kit is pre-configured to fit your RV – we only need to know your RV’s manufacturer stated length (this includes your bumper, hitch, and fifth wheel neck) and how high your RV sits off the ground (ground clearance) to get you the right kit.

The included AirSkirts welcome kit includes everything you need to get started with your new AirSkirts RV skirt.  The owner's manual will guide you through all of the important stuff you'll need to know to set up your kit and care for it.  Also included are our sharp edge corner protectors and sharp edge strip protector to protect the tubes from any sharp objects on your RV's undercarriage.  In the unlikely event of a puncture (these skirts are extremely rugged), they include patch material which can be used in conjunction with adhesive (not included) to repair a damaged component.


Is this the right kit for you?  Don't worry - after you submit your order, one of the AirSkirts engineers reviews the information you provide about your setup and confirms that the kit will work.  In the unlikely event that a modification is needed an engineer from AirSkirts will contact you to make adjustments.  At this time just provide the total length, and the ground-clearance of your RV along with the Year|Make|Model.

No-Hassle Returns, Five Year Warranty:

We believe in our product and we think you will too.  You can return your order within 30 days for any reason, and we also provide an industry exceeding 5 year warranty on AirSkirts skirting products.

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