Carryout portable manual ANYWHERE satellite antenna


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Carryout MP1 Features:

* Twist On/Off Cap provides easy way to fill top portion with water or sand for increased stability. * 25' Coax Cable allows optimal antenna placement and stores in base for easy stowing. * Bubble Level for easy set-up and leveling. * Elevation Markings & Knobs assist in elevating and locking antenna at exact angle. * Compass ensures correct southern setting. * Durable Case protects dish and functions as mount. * Azimuth Lock Knob to prevent left to right movement. * Supports 2 Receivers * Compatible with TR-1518 Tripod Mount *

Dimensions: 17"w x 17.5"h x 10.5"d, 9lb.

DIRECTV:  Receives all standard programming (101ø and 119ø).  BUT NO HD

DISH Network:   Receives all standard and HD programming (110ø, 119ø and 129ø). Also compatible with Eastern Arc satellites (61.5ø, 72ø and 77ø).

Bell:  Receives all standard and HD programming (82ø and 91ø).

Quick and easy manual setup using the same high-quality reflectors as the automatic system.

* Lower budget portable satellite antenna system. * Durable case used as mount and protects dish. * Same high-end reflector used in GM-1518. * Bubble level, compass and elevation markings included for easy set up and leveling. *

Supports 2 receivers!