Carryout Anser Hybrid Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna


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Unique Single Satellite Solution
A larger reflector means no more toggling; all your programming is on one satellite! (DISH 72° and DIRECTV 101°)

Simple Set-Up, Simpler Operation
Just set the elevation and the Anser automatically finds the satellite!

Multiple Receivers, Multiple TVs
Enjoy different programs on separate TVs at the same time!

Compact, hybrid automatic portable satellite TV antenna that brings the beauty of the great outdoors and the luxury of TV entertainment together at a very affordable cost.

single satellite solution Anser

All Your Programming on One Satellite!
The Carryout Anser is designed with a larger reflector for superior gain that allows the unique ability to receive DISH HD programming from a single satellite; a key advantage over other automatic antennas that toggle between 3 satellites to receive DISH programming. The Carryout Anser antenna can also, receive all standard DIRECTV programming from a single satellite.

With a single satellite solution antenna, the chances of finding an unobstructed view are greatly improved since you are only aiming for a single satellite instead of two or three simultaneously.


  DISH Network   Standard & HD
Satellites: 72, 110, 119 and 129.
  Bell TV   Standard & HD
on satellite 82 and 91.

on satellite 101 and 119.

  • Type: Stationary
  • Mount: Portable
  • Satellite Acquisition: Hybrid Automatic
  • Receivers Supported: 2
  • Easy grip handle for effortless carrying
  • Eyelet attached to base provides ability to lock-up antenna for added security


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