Combination Satellite and Over-the-Air Antenna


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Eighteen inch digital satellite dish and off-air omnidirectional RoadStarTM antenna together - one mount and one install for satellite or local broadcasts. Winegard's combination 18" digital satellite dish and compact omnidirectional VHF/UHF antenna, is great for RV installation. The Winegard RV combination system provides RV reception in all directions continuously without adjustment. This 14 1/2" omnidirectional antenna mounted above the 18" digital dish provides local RV programs while the 18" digital dish provides the satellite channels. Its built-in preamplifier increases strength and clarity of signals. A second coax cable hole through the roof is required.

When you choose this "Combo Satellite & Over-the-Air Antenna Mount with Digital Elevation", you will get the "Digital Magic" elevation sensor that gives the elevation of the satellite antenna on an LCD readout inside the vehicle, accurate to within 1 degree.