Complete Vinyl Fiesta Awning, 17'

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Complete 17' Standard Vinyl Fiesta RV Awning includes:



  • Carefree Fiesta Fabric Roller Tube Assembly --choose your fabric color.
  • Carefree Fiesta Awning Arm Set, white --choose height:  Universal, Short, or Long.
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Vinyl Patio Awning with Vinyl Weatherguard

Fiesta Built-In Features:



The Best Fabrics

Fiesta's double-wrap, multi-layer vinyl canopy with vinyl Weatherguard looks better and lasts longer.  Don't settle for the single weight, no-Weatherguard construction of other brands.  The multi-layer vinyl canopy is the best awning fabric available. 

Vinyl Dune Stripes will feature a white weatherguard.  Matching weatherguard is available as a Special Order.  The Dune Stripes pattern and color are on both sides of the canopy, top and bottom.  Choose from:  Sierra Brown, Bordeaux, Teal, Black/Gray, and Ocean Blue.

Vinyl Shale Fades will feature a white weatherguard.  Matching weatherguard is available as a Special Order.  The Shale Fades and Checkered Flag have pattern and color on the top side of the canopy only.  The underside is always white.  Choose frm:  Black Fade, Blue Fade, Burgundy Fade, Camel Fade, and Silver Fade.




Remote Lock and Storage Locks



Remote Lock and Storage Locks work together to ensure awning does not come unlocked during travel. The no-wand Remote Lock provides for easy operation without the risk of scratching your RV. Eliminates the need to stretch, probe and fish for the roller lock.


Canopy Clamps



Canopy clamps are built-in and self-storing to keep your awning tight and wrinkle free.


Heavy-Duty Brackets



Heavy-duty brackets are solid, rugged, and match the trim of most RVs. White arms have white castings while all other colors have black castings.


Single Track Slider



Single Track Slider on the inside of the arm channels eliminates rafter binding during set-up and storage.  Hardware arm channels are the strongest available for years of performance.


Fiesta awnings' size (i.e.: 12' to 21') refers to the center-arm to center-arm measurement.  Actual fabric length will be slightly shorter, while overall complete awning length will be slightly longer.

NOTE:  This STOCKED LENGTH is available in several Standard vinyl colors.  Additionally, Special Order (S/O) vinyl colors ($200 extra) are available and are marked S/O.  New Premium Vinyl (with 10-year warranty) colors ($350 extra) are also available as a Special Order (S/O).  All vinyl colors (except S/O Black) will have White weatherguard and White spring caps (S/O Black will have Black weatherguard and Black spring caps).  To view our Special Order Terms, click here.

NOTE: THIS IS A COMPLETE AWNING. A complete Fiesta Awning is composed of two components: One FRTA (Fabric Roller Tube Assembly) and one Fiesta Arm Set (Carefree Awning Hardware).  The two components of a complete awning most often ship together by FedEx or Freight Truck, but may be shipped separately.